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April 28, 2010

Other thing that I want to explain is the Dayna’s message.

For all those who are wondering who is Dayna: ((All of us should know who is Dayna)

Dayna Porter is a stunt performer that works in Legend of the Seeker. She works in the dangerous scenes of Kahlan, and she is a Bridget’s friend too.

Today she wrote in her twitter those three messages:

1) “All i can say is its not over yet for LOTS, there is 1 more very small chance and it is very very small, but its better than nothing”

2) “what ever you guys are doing is obviously helping in some way, im not sure what else you can do, thank you”

3) “Just dont give up hope till the official announcement!!!! Theres a reason why there hasnt been one yet”

Ok… What does this mean for us? I really don’t know but I think that there is hope. We must to fight for the Seeker. Now, they know that there are possibilities and that we are fighting for the series and for them.

So,  I have to say again… Join our battle! Join this project and the other projects! (if you open the video in youtube web, you will see in the description, a lot of things that you can do for the Seeker)

Fight! Fight! Fight! It’s official, this is not over. Everything that we are doing seems to mean something. We’re gonna fight in an epic way.



  1. Thanks for the words of encouragement, we sure needed to hear that! We will keep fingting for our “Seeker”!

  2. Seeker Fans please go support the show

    Go to http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/LOTS3 and sign the petition it can help save the show.

    Pass the word… please!

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