Vote for your favorite design

May 1, 2010

Thanks to everyone who have participated. Finally we have 9 designs. And you can vote for your favorite. (Remember that you must to vote before the deadline of this poll – Monday 3rd May at 10:00 a.m (Central European Time)

Design 1: Anna’s Design (Thank you Anna)

Design 2 : Marc’s Design (Thank you Marc)

Design3: Melodie’s Design (Thank you Melodie)

Design 4: Hanna’s Design (Thank you Hanna)

Design 5: Jessi’s Design (Thank you Jessi)

Design 6: Kevin’s Design 01 (Thank you Kevin)

Design 7 : Kevin’s Design 02 (Thank you Kevin again 😉 )

Design 8: Shane’s Design (Thank you Shane)

Design 9: KaliWeir’s Design (Thank you KaliWeir)




  1. Where is mine? :p Lol didn’t see we had to post some art! Too late *cries*
    All are great, fav, 7 & 9 😉

  2. I agree, I think we should go with what looks the most professional. While all the designs are great, #9 does look the most professional.

    • Ok after the cracky message, seriously (yes I can!) :

      indeed, the 2 is not bad but we can see it “has been worked” + we need the simplest message ( about having a season 3!!). I definitively think we should take Kali’s one, really not because I know her, but because it’s the one which corresponds the most to our campaign.
      If really the design 2 is appreciated by the majority,at least,it would be necessary to work again on it and simply the mention.

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