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Thanks! Send your photos! Raise the flag!

May 10, 2010

Hello there!
I want to thank the people who participated in this project. But I ask that you send more photos, because we are still very few.
I know a band that wants to participate with two songs in the videos that I will edit with your photos, but I need many more pictures. Let’s go! Don’t give up! Keep fighting!

Thanks!! Fight for our Seeker!!!
Send your photos


We have the winner. We must to fight.

May 3, 2010

The Seeker’s Flag Project is only a part of all the campaing:

The votes have been completed. Kaliweir is our winner, so congratulations.

This is our Winner (our really winner) I’m really sorry for all the f*** waste of time today.

From now everything is in your hands. Remember why we are fighting, for the Seeker, for our favorite characters, for one of the best series ever. Because as someone said in this article:

“Having the show’s cast and crew – Bridget Regan [lead actress who portrays the Mother Confessor, Kahlan Amnell], Mike Sussman [Writer and Co-Executive Producer], and Dayna Porter Chiplin [Bridget Regan’s stunt double] – jump on board to support and help promote the efforts has given the devotees an even bigger fire than already expressed. A nearly impossible feat, as the fire is intense. “
We must not fail us, or them. Don’t give up!
Print the winning design (the flag) and take a photo of you with your flag. (No photomanipulation) Ask your friends, your parents, your brothers, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your fathers-in-law, your mothers-in-law, your neighbors ….. take a photo of them with the flag too. More people, better.
Then send your photo or photos to: (Write in the e-mail, your name, or names of persons appearing in the picture, city, and country.)
If you are under age. Please make sure you have permission from your parent or guardian to send the photo. We do not want legal problems. This is very important, do not forget. If you do not have permission to take a picture of yourself, you can still continue to help us with this project. Snap a photo of your banner (or flag) and put it in the mail with your name (no need for your full name), city, and country from where you are writing)
If someone has other ideas, stick cartels, made shirts with the winning design or another design… (As long as legal) It would be great! (you can take photos, too)

Send it faster is better. Because with all those photos, we will make videos, then send it to ABC / Disney and SyFy (the TV channel which seems more interested in buying the series)

Any other question:
I edited a motivational video for this battle. So do not rindais, please.

Keep fighting and participate in this battle and in all the ideas of :

(The videos of the films and subtitules aren’t mine. You can look it MBelinkie (the original) and MrDart1234 (the subtitules) in youtube)


Video and Information

April 28, 2010

Other thing that I want to explain is the Dayna’s message.

For all those who are wondering who is Dayna: ((All of us should know who is Dayna)

Dayna Porter is a stunt performer that works in Legend of the Seeker. She works in the dangerous scenes of Kahlan, and she is a Bridget’s friend too.

Today she wrote in her twitter those three messages:

1) “All i can say is its not over yet for LOTS, there is 1 more very small chance and it is very very small, but its better than nothing”

2) “what ever you guys are doing is obviously helping in some way, im not sure what else you can do, thank you”

3) “Just dont give up hope till the official announcement!!!! Theres a reason why there hasnt been one yet”

Ok… What does this mean for us? I really don’t know but I think that there is hope. We must to fight for the Seeker. Now, they know that there are possibilities and that we are fighting for the series and for them.

So,  I have to say again… Join our battle! Join this project and the other projects! (if you open the video in youtube web, you will see in the description, a lot of things that you can do for the Seeker)

Fight! Fight! Fight! It’s official, this is not over. Everything that we are doing seems to mean something. We’re gonna fight in an epic way.